Li P’tit Prince — in Wallon language.

Walloon (Wallon in French, Walon in Walloon) is a Romance language spoken in several regions of Belgium, particularly in Wallonia, the southern part of the country. It is one of the three official languages of Belgium, alongside Dutch and French, and has a recognized regional status within the country.

Linguists had long classified Walloon as a dialect of French, which in turn is a langue d’oïl. Like French, it descended from Vulgar Latin. But, since French-speaking people could not understand Walloon easily, especially in its eastern forms, it is arguable that Walloon is actually a language.

Walloon comprises several regional varieties or dialects, each with its own distinctive features and pronunciation. Some of the main dialects include Liégeois (spoken in Liège), Namurois (spoken in Namur), and Carolingian (spoken in the Charleroi region).

While Walloon has official recognition in the Walloon Region of Belgium, it is not widely used in official domains or education. French remains the dominant language in these areas. Walloon is primarily spoken in informal and familial settings, and its use has decreased over the years, with French becoming more prevalent in daily life.