Le Prénçot — in Poitevin-Saintongeais.

Poitevin-Saintongeais, also called Parlanjhe, Aguiain, or even Aguiainais in French, is a langues d’oïl language spoken in the regions of the Pays de la Loire and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, officially recognised by the French Ministry of Culture as a language with two dialects, Poitevin and Saintongeais. This classification is a subgroup of the Romance, and the Gallo-Romance languages.

The dialects of this language are peculiar to the historical regions and provinces of Poitou and Saintonge. It is classified as severely endangered by UNESCO.

It is now classified as one of the langues d’oïl but is distinguished by certain features of the langue d’oc. The language is spoken on what was the border between the two language families of oïl and oc (Occitan). The langue d’oïl subsequently spread south, absorbing oc features.