LPP in Earth Languages

Le Petit Prince / The Little Prince is a classic book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, about the adventures of a little prince travelling from planet to planet, encountering a wide range of fascinating characters, landing on the earth, and meeting the narrator, who is an aviator who had just crash-landed in the Sahara desert. Through a series of conversations with the aviator, the little prince recounts his experiences and his observations about the world around him, including the importance of friendship, love, and trust. He discovers that the most important things cannot be seen only by the eyes.

This book is one of the most translated books on earth. This fact combines some interesting things: that the simple french book is proven so inspiring, that we can observe its wisdom mapped out in so many cultures, and that we can appreciate the cultural richness of the inhabitants of the last planet: the earth. I can only register here the translation books I can keep in my small white bookshelf.

Languages in Asia Pacific

Languages in Northern Asia

Uralo-Siberian Languages

Languages in North to South America

Languages in Africa & Middle East

Indo-European Languages

Isolated & Other Languages

Adaptive Languages

Artificial Languages


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  • 🐍— Extinc languages.
  • Unwanted:
    • More artificial languages
    • More minor local dialects in some overexplored Western European countries (French, German, Italian, Spanish)
    • More republishing / reprints from editions currently listed here (Chinese, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, etc)
  • Wanted:
    • Translations in languages from Indonesian regions & cultures
    • Translations in languages from uncharted or underexplored territories: American, African, Northern (Uralo-Siberian), Pacific cultures etc